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What is the PS3 YLOD ?

Maybe you've experienced it , the PS3 YLOD or abbreviation of " Yellow Light Of Death "is a warning that we are on the console in the form of yellow light that was on the front end as a sign to show that there has been something quite serious on the console.

If you notice there are two lights that were on the side next to each other, it is near the outer edge of the light intended.
In normal circumstances the blinking light is a sign to show the state of disk activity as well as other system functions. From experience that there is usually a ps3 has YLOD can happen because the activity is intense or playing games on - relentless that lasts long enough, so it can make the game crash, the entire console just freezes.

PS3 YLOD repair
And when that happens we do not know what to do. So most of us often assume that we have broken ps3. Even worse if we intend to buy a new one again. Which of course it's going to spend our money more. You can find out one possible sign of ps3 ylod is if you hear a short beep 2-3 sound as a warning that something is wrong is happening on our ps3. Although many factors are not necessarily YLOD possibilities.


But at least we know little meaning to sound a warning beep 2-3 short; at least we can be aware of or prevent undesirable things happen. I wrote this article specifically for those who may not know at all what the YLOD ps3 term, and how do we prevent it, and what steps should be taken so that we can fix it yourself. And if you can fix your own ps3 has, also would not hurt to have someone else fix. So expectations.

Okay without lingering we just discussed about the ps3 YLOD us. Often it appears ps3 YLOD without any warning, which can interfere with us in game play. Is it like an error, hang, and a variety of other common problems that often occur on any ps3. You should know that the YLOD " yellow light of death " is a term that is quite scary problem that occurs in the hardware, which is often caused by overheating your ps3.

Although very much a supporting factor that causes YLOD. But the biggest factor is the cause of the overheating ps3 YLOD. Where we play the game very long, or we forgot to turn off the ps3 us, it can also be a supporting factor. Traits - characteristics which we can know if we hit the error console is you try to watch the small yellow flashing lights in front of the console (lights located on the edge of the outer edge). When you see the yellow light is flashing, it is almost certain that your PlayStation 3 has become a victim of the YLOD.

The question that often arises is the cause of the problem was what YLOD ps3?
Basically extra engine performance too, can make the console becomes too hot, just like humans when we are too tired then if forced to work will definitely hurt.

Which generally occurs on ps3 ylod:

Thermal expansion,if the intensity of the heat in the console occurs, it will make components - hardware components mutually relates will be disconnected from each other. Solder Melt, From a variety of reasons, a more serious problem is Solder melt. Happens if we so hot console will cause a metallic solder into the solder droplets to be made ​​right - completely melted!          

So can cause damage so severe. If for some reason that causes the console to suffer YLOD, then we have to do become a bit more difficult. A few simple steps that you can apply to overcome the problems ps3 YLOD or as stages in preventing errors and so forth, where it can interfere with your activities as lovers like me and most people. In this step may be very simple to implement, but you should know that this is a very important role if you want your ps3 machine more durable then we have to take care of him.
Note the steps - simple steps what we can do:
Give it a rest on your ps3! Often times we drift off to forget the time that caused the engine so hot. (Of course you remember on our discussion above earlier). Maybe you can set the time before you play ps3 games, free give respite for your ps3 machine as well as for your own.

Because our bodies have a tolerance limit and it is bad for health if we play without time. So is the engine that can reach the limit of tolerance when used continuously - being able to make the temperature becomes very high when you use.
If we play the game too long, then the temperature of the engine will also be increased.

The conclusion in the first step if you have a PS3 YLOD turns off your console and you also unplug electrical outlet. Then you playstation3 rest at least 30 minutes for the machine to cool your ps3. Another thing you should consider to prevent YLOD ps3. Air circulation is also a supporting factor for the machine we can be maintained ps3

Better yet, if your room is equipped with air conditioning, because of the warm temperature of the room to be one factor that can trigger the PS3 YLOD. Or if you do not use the air conditioner, it may try to open the window of your room air circulation in the room can be properly maintained. Is your ps3 connection cable loose? - The cable that connects between your console with power outlet, you should always check when you are going to play the game.

Clean power that will supply power to the console will not be maximized if the cable connection is loose. Every time you always make sure the cable is connected to an electrical outlet console cable us safe, because it is not impossible that this simple negligence can cause unwanted things.

Hardware - as I have previously discussed the expansion of the heat at the end of the section above? This is a tip for you.
Thermal expansion can be attacked in a common area so you have to do is remove and insert the ps3 hardware.
Hopefully with a little review of this article can help you to at least know what it is about ps3 YLOD and simple way what can we do to care for your ps3, as well as what are the things that should be avoided

If the steps above cannot resolve or fix ps3 YLOD, for example, the console that cannot work at all or there are technical things that you may not know. You can buy the science that describes the details of what it started ps3 YLOD and a range of specific technical issues to resolve the issue. So hopefully you can repair the damage to its own ps 3.

I’m really glad this article helped out!

learn to fix it yourself

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